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Forklift users find industry support (FTD Article)

28 May 2018 1:26 PM | Anonymous

Frustrated by an apparent lack of clarity, many forklift users have joined forces under a new industry association to find improvements in productivity and safety.

The Forklift Association (TFA) was established last year by industry stalwarts Andrew Stone and Stu Lees after feedback from companies that operate forklifts which indicated there were gaps in their understanding of how best to operate forklifts safely and efficiently.

“At times, as a customer of a forklift supplier, it is hard to be confident you have the right equipment, operating in the right way to get the optimal result for your business,” says Andrew Stone. “By establishing TFA, we’ve set out to bring fresh, independent advice to a market which has at times been less than ideal.”
TFA co-founder Andrew Stone: “We support our members by helping to develop safety leadership within their culture”

Recognising the common difficulties in procuring forklift equipment, Andrew says he and co-founder Stu Lees created TFA with the aim of focusing on the needs of those companies that use forklifts. Members currently range from very large organisations with multiple forklift brands and models to small warehouse operators with a single hard-working machine.

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