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Glass houses, throwing stones ....

31 May 2018 3:16 PM | Anonymous

Last week Worksafe concluded their case with Toll Holdings after a tragic workplace accident nearly two years ago. The individual, his family and Toll have paid heavily. Worksafe naturally seek to publicise the findings so that others may learn.

There have been some commentators who have stood from afar and railed about the accident and Toll's role in it. I know very little of the events or the fallout from them, but I do a little of the company, its practices now and its people. To level criticism at them now without the benefit of a full understanding is unfair. 

The complex and dynamic space which forklifts operate within freight operations is dangerous and very difficult to manage. Worksafe are of course correct in their assertion that separation of pedestrians is a requirement, but to slam Toll now beyond the Justice system as some people may seek, is a gross disregard for the all of the people involved. and Toll's efforts since that tragic day.

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