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Internet of Things in Supply Chain

19 Jun 2018 6:37 AM | Anonymous

This 'Internet of Things' concept had me baffled a bit at first. Using the the that if it looks like BS it may well be, I realised it was simply a phrase coined to describe connecting up bits of hardware that generate data, with a digital platform. In other words, its the internet applied to things rather than people. OK, so what?

Since the internet rumbled to life in the commercial world, it hasn't been hard to imagine a word where it allowed us more real time supply chain management. The reality is slower than you'd think, but gradually, we may be getting advantages from this.

The potential for an 'Internet of Things' digital platform for our supply chain operations is palpable, but it is very difficult to find anyone building systems with this end game in mind, let alone the whole result available now.

DB Schenker's weekly email newsletter has produced another solid piece which looks into the subject and is well worth the 10 minutes to read: 


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